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Hi all

Well this is one of those thing that should never happen, but ever monkey has its day in the rain! :P

As you can read, I got tagged by a feather leg baboon.

Not really planed it to happen, but any way it did, and now I have the pain of coming second best to one of these baboon spiders.

I have never been bitten a tarantula before, so I got no way of judging the pain level.

The bite was delivered by a 15cm female, the time was 0825 Wednesday 16/02/2012
I was bitten on my hand, the start of my palm where the thumb meets.
The spider gave me 2 nice puncture wounds, and injected twice!
All I can say is that the bite area is very sore and tender to the touch, also very hot to touch.

The bite was delivered at 0825, seconds after the bite, the area that was bitten started twitching, then I felt how the venom was flowing up my arm. The pain was all ready prominent from the time she had bitten me, reason I know this straight after she bet me and I got her off, I pushed the bite site to push some of the venom out, and then also sucked the bite site.
Pain was all ready there!

By 0835 there was a rash that had all ready started. it was from the bite site up my arm to just under my arm pit.
Got to the doctor by 0900. by that time, the bite site had swollen up.
There was not much pain, just sore and burning sensation.
By 0920, blister started on the top of my hand, they are still there.

The doctor gave me two qauterzon injections.
Some anti-biotics and some pain medication.

But the best Advise I got was from Hendrisj, who said I stick my hand under the hottest hot water I can bear, Did that while on the phone with him, and then been doing know for a couple of hours.
Be leave it or not the swelling has gone away, my hand has almost gone back to normal!
There is still some redness, soreness and tenderness in my hand and still some throbbing pain and burning sensation,
hand feels a bit stiff at the moment.

But time will only, if it is going to get worse or if it will go away soon?! :P :laugh:

So an update on the bite site.
It is now 0239, Friday 17/02/2012, 19hours since I got bitten, my hand it is very much back to normal, still a bit red around the bite site, the back of the thumb has some tenderness, the part between the index finger and the thumb and on my wrist.

Attachment painremain.JPG not found

Attachment painremain2.JPG not found

I'm not able to stretch, or move my body in to big of movement, my whole body feels like it is wound up tight and just waiting for every muscle to expand, contracted and spasm at the same time.
I feel like a been doing some hectic work outs and did the Harry Smith mountain run, but the down hill part, I'm a bit worried that if I don't move and keep on moving. the spasms will be become closure together and allot faster to happen, as the muscle are at the most relaxed point they can be during sleep.

There is some stiffness in my left arm, the arm of the bite site. Shoulder and elbow feels stiff, movement of the arm feels restricted and sluggish, my Bicep is on the verge of spasming, if I move it to fast or put mu arm on my head it starts contracting!

So the intervals for the spasms have become more frequent.

19:00 throbbing pain in left fore arm, with a bit of muscle twitch.
21:00 Back pain on the left hand side of my back, felt like a stiff muscle that was pulled.
21:15 Lats on right hand side of the body, started twitch for a couple of mins, then right hand calf muscle went into spasm.
22:47 Twitching of muscle in left hand side groin area on the thigh area
00:00 Fall asleep on couch watching TV then then Had 2 spasm right calve muscle.
01:49 3 times spams right calve muscle, 1 spasm in left calve muscle and 1 times lower back spasm.
02:30 hint of both my calve muscle wanting to spasm at the same time same with my lower back.
03:26 had hiccups for the past hour, they are so bad they making my right side lower back spasm.
03:34 Lower abdominal left hand side muscle.
sitting in front of the computer seems to be the best place to sit, keeps the spams away apart from the dam hiccups.
The spasms are so bad that it makes me shoot out of bed same for sitting on the couch!
2 hours15 mins to go for me to "wake up", and another whole day for it to hopefully work out of my system!

Morning All so 47 hours after being bitten, a couple of new issues, aliments/symptoms that have come about.

1st swollen legs and feet and arm.
2nd bloody nose. bleed 3 times, including this morning.
3rd still have hiccups since yesterday morning 03:00. as soon as I drink or eat any thing they start again.
4th upset stomach
5th taste buds are so mixed up right know, sweet and sour source tastes like the hottest chilly, sugar is bland(for the hiccups) to drink coffee, it feels like I'm taken boiling kettle water and drinking straight out kettle!

The bite site is still red, My wrist and hand is a bit stiff when I move it.
My arm has also swollen up, taken some pictures.
There are some bruised area in the colored section but cant see it so nicely in the photos.

Should be able to see how swollen my feet are pictures, and then the dint I pushed into my skin.
(Excuses the dust, we are busy with some alterations in the house)
pictures on page 2

So update for for Friday, 17/02/2012

If I got 2 hours sleep for Friday night it was allot.

I also chose not to get behind or drive a car, for my safety, the cars safety and people in front of me or behind me!
The last thing I need is a spasm will I'm driving causing me to slam on breaks or exhilarating.
I need to kick out, get my legs as straight as possible as soon as possible or the muscle feels like it is tearing it self from my body. And it takes that much longer for my muscle to relax. Also put far more strain on my body.

And I thought I was better!
10:30 my feet started to go into spasm, both of them at the same time and as I was walking around the house, that lasted for a good 2 hours.
My right foot did alien greeting, live long and prosper, they spread apart, then my left foot looked like a koeksister.

11:00 my sheen muscle started to spasm
1130 nose bleed, from just blowing my nose.
12:00 nose bleed again

Hiccuped through out the hole day.
Other than that had a peaceful day.

18:00 first spasm in right calve muscle, reason I fall asleep on the couch.
Then decided to take a chance and see what happens went to bed at 23:00
got spasm at 01:30

Saturday 18/02/2012

01:30 right calve muscle spasm, got right back into bed.
01:35 left calve muscle spasmed
04:30 went back to sleep
05:40 woke up with left calve muscle and inner thigh muscle spasm.
07:45 nose started to bleed again.
Still have the hiccups at this time.
Think it is a spasm that is causing the hiccups.

My body is still a bit stiff and sore, especial my legs, I still have to watch how I get up and how fast I walk and do stuff, I feel better so I'm starting to do my normal routine, but the muscles are not ready for that just yet.
I hope that there will be no prolonged effect of spasms, I don't think I can handle that much lack of sleep, it is one thing working late at night, but being kept awake from pain is another thing all together.
(there is hardly any thing to watch on TV )

I tired to take a picture of a muscle spasm in my calve, got 3 pictures but I had to stop it before it got to painful, not the easiest thing to take pictures of by yourself
I'm not that much a pain freak to have pushed it.
Pictures on page 2

The reason why I got tagged, I was cleaning her enclosure, and also wonted to do a photo shot with this lady, as she had molted out recently and wonted to get some photos of her new suit.
I like having pictures after every molt.

So in the process of trying to get her into her temporary container, so I can clean her tank.
Some how she went from being inn her enclosure to my back.
I went outside, on the grass as this is a much better place to be doing the whole, so removing my shirt, hoping she would just come along with it, but she did not she just back up and ended up staying on my back.
I was all ready nipping a bit as she is not a very friendly spider and she often sits with er fangs open and just bite for no reason.

I was able to get the tweezers and touched her back legs hoping she would head straight for the grass, but that did not happen, she ran up my back, over shoulder, under my arm pit, and stopped.
Then I moved her again, this time she ran down my arm and stopped on my fore arm and them my wrist, then she moved to my hand.

I did rest my arm on the grass, waiting for a couple of mins hoping she will get off her self. but she just rested there, I did not wont to touch her or move until she decided to move herself.
Then I got sick of waiting and then I proceeded to touch her with the tweezers to make her move, and that is when it happened.

It was quit funny, it was like she was looking at me, and then decided to give it to me!
And gave it to me good!

The bite was not sore to say the less, did not feel the injection like bite.
Stupidly I watch her bite, instead of me just flicking her off the first time. :blink: :huh:
Then I tried to lift her of nicely with the tweezers, I watched her bite me for the second time, this time she kept her fangs sunk in, I saw her lift the one fang out again, most probably to inject again.
That is when I flick her off! :(

Any way, as I said this kind of thing should of not happened, but it did.
I'm quit careful when handling any of my pokies and other spider that are fast and can pack a punch with a bite, I guess I was not careful enough this time.

This is when I wish I had some to help me when dealing with these kind of spiders and of cause some one to take photos for me as well. :evil: :pinch: :P ;) :laugh:

So here goes.

Managed to get some pictures in the ordeal.

The female on my arm and hand, from here is where I went to the grass, and then it happened.

Attachment Bitesite020.JPG not found

The bite site, if you look carefully, you can see how my hand or the bite site went into spasm, you can see how it pulled in that was straight after I was bitten

Attachment Bitesite022.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite023.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite024.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite025.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite026.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite027.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite028.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite028.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite029.JPG not found

The pen marks is where the pain had spread to, it has come down allot since I have had my hand under the hot water, still a bot of pain and burning sensation, but much better than what it was.

Attachment Bitesite032.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite040.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite042.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite043.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite058.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite063.JPG not found

Then the lady after she had bit me, and I got back from the doctor.

Attachment Bitesite090.JPG not found

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7 years 3 days ago #44964 by Conrad Bester
Conrad Bester replied the topic: Re: Extra Extra, READ ALL ABOUT! Tagged by S.calceatum
Sorry man. getting tagged by a s.cal is probably as bad as it can get..? :pinch:

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7 years 3 days ago #44965 by Brendan
Brendan replied the topic: Re: Extra Extra, READ ALL ABOUT! Tagged by S.calceatum
:S Ouch...

It happens to the best eh

My minions...nuf said

The link below is my semi updated collection

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7 years 3 days ago #44966 by Conrad Bester
Conrad Bester replied the topic: Re: Extra Extra, READ ALL ABOUT! Tagged by S.calceatum
But I have to say, having the nerve not to freak out when the spider bit you is quite something. It can happen so easily to get a frightful reaction and send the spider flying, only ending up injuring or even killing the spider.

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7 years 3 days ago #44969 by Shane
Shane replied the topic: Re: Extra Extra, READ ALL ABOUT! Tagged by S.calceatum
Thanks for the post Cascade. That was quite insightful. I'm actually considering going for a tetanus shot soon, because of my hands on approach. I don't want to get bit, but it is likely to happen at some point.

When was your last tetanus shot?

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7 years 3 days ago #44970 by Jake
Jake replied the topic: Re: Extra Extra, READ ALL ABOUT! Tagged by S.calceatum
A good couple of months ago.
But if you ever get bitten, use hot hot water, as hot as you can handle, straight after the bite!

I only put my hand under hot hot water at 10:58, 2 and 33mins after the bite.
And I can't beleave how fast it worked to make my hand feel better.
I think if I knew that, I would of gone straight to the hot water tape and not rushed of to the doctors!

But, I'm not counting my chickens just yet, I know from other people that have been bitten and they seem to go through heaps of pain, stiffness, joint pains, and muscle spasm.
So I wait and see what will come from this, I'm not really looking for tonight or tomorrow as I don't know what is and will come from this!

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